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Preparing good food is one of the keys to being a happy vegetarian and classes are an excellent way to gain new skills and hone the ones you already have. We offer four different class formats: public, group, private, and specialty classes. Also, check out the calendar and upcoming speaking events to find out what's happening with Devil Spice.


Ethnic Series Cooking Classes - One of Chef Jason Wyrick's specialties is converting traditional ethnic cuisines to vegan versions of the same. These series are designed to give an overview of each region, covering appetizers, main dishes, drinks, desserts, sides, and iconic reicpes.

Cooking for Diabetics and Weight Loss - Chef Jason has a great deal of personal experience with these topics as he used to be diabetic and was also seriously overweight. Come to this class and learn how he was able to lose over 100 pounds, cure his diabetes, and seriously improve his health. A must attend class for anyone looking to improve the way they live.

Group Classes -Invite a few friends over and learn how to cook together! Group classes give hands-on instruction tailor made for your group while also being an incredibly fun social event. During a typical group class, you will learn how to make a complete meal and you will also learn how to apply the skills learned during class to your own dishes. This is a very hands on class, so the group will also help prepare the meal and when we're done, we'll all sit down and enjoy the meal together. These classes are both instructional and fun!

Time: 3 hours plus eating time
Price: $50/person, minimum of three people

Private Classes -The ultimate in personal instruction, private classes are the quickest way to learn the skills that go into preparing great food. These can range from single classes to a full series of classes designed to specifically suit your needs. Because these classes are so individualized, a personal consultation is necessary before any curriculum is developed. This one-on-one attention is perfect for those who want to develop their skills into a fine art.

Time: 2-3 hours
Price: $110/class

Specialty Classes -These are classes that are not part of Devil Spice's typical class structure. Check this area for types, times, and locations for any special classes that Devil Spice is doing:

Speaking Events

Check back for upcoming speaking events.

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Contact the Chef for Private Classes at DevilSpiceEats@aol.com.

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