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Eat healthy, eat compassionately, and eat well! Welcome to Devil Spice, dedicated to bringing you artisan quality vegan cuisine. From sinfully delicious desserts to deviliciously good sauces and dips to gourmet meals, Devil Spice creates culinary delights that please the heart as well as the palette.

  • Eat Healthy - Food is our body's fuel and eating healthy is one of the wisest and most profound gifts we can give ourselves.
  • Eat Compassionately - What we eat is a conscious decision to show our kindness and compassion to the other creatures of the world.
  • Eat Well - Food is fun! Eat for pleasure and eat for enjoyment.

Get the recipes from Chef Wyrick's grilling demo at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival here!

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NEW MEAL SERVICE: Chef Jason is offering a new meal service featuring the recipes from The Vegan Culinary Experience. For more information about this exciting new service, go to http://veganculinaryexperience.com/VCEMealService.htm.

PRODUCTS: To order any of our fine products, such as Devil Spice Salsa and Devil Spice Vegetarian Chili, simply click here or click on the Temptations link on the left.

CLASSES: While you're here, check out Devil Spice's other services and if you live in Arizona, make sure to take advantage of Devil Spice's great culinary classes.

Again, welcome, and enjoy your descent into the world of Devil Spice.

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The Vegan Culinary Experience is here! Check out the new online educational vegan culinary journal full of fully detailed recipes, complete with pictures and nutrional information, how-to articles, interviews with professional vegan chefs on how they cook at home, healthy eating articles by medical professionals, reviews, and a learning community! Everything with the Experience is designed by professional vegan chefs and medical professionals. See what other chefs and budding home cooks are raving about!

Food Tip of the Day

Devil Spice donates 10% of our annual profits to various animal charities, including Maricopa County Animal Care & Control's Spay/Neuter Program.

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